Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why would I, a normal, educated woman willingly say to my man…

“Honey when I am out of line I want you to treat me like a little girl, take away all my rights, whip off my panties and spank me hard until I cry and promise to be good. If I kick and scream and struggle I want you to hold me down and keep spanking until I give up the fight and cry my heart out and don’t stop until you feel I am truly sorry, no matter how hard I protest. If my bottom is red and swollen and welted, all the better, I will remember it the next day and be reminded of my deeds…you are my daddy…spank me please…”

Yes I really have said this to my beloved, who is the sweetest man most of the time. If you were to meet him you would have no idea how hard he spanks me. And my sweet man truly spanks me for real…just like a daddy would, he give me no options when, where or how, he just takes me to our room, pulls out the punishment chair, and bends me over his knee, pulls off my panties and a way he goes, usually with a good sturdy paddle in hand! He then spanks me until I am a weeping mess of emotions, which I am afraid to say takes a while, because I am stubborn and have a high tolerance of pain. Because this is discipline there are NO warm-ups and usually he welds a wicked implement such as a heavy paddle or hairbrush to get my attention fast. He spanks hard and fast and long, it hurts!

So why for heaven sake do I feel I need this? Do I have a guilty conscience? Sometimes. Do I have a daddy fetish? Hell Yes! I willingly admit that (blush, blush)! Am I out of control? Sometimes. Do I need to feel loved and cared for? Yes, all that and more…

Spanking to me is as much an emotional need as it is a physical need. If more men into spanking understood the “REAL” reasons why many of us ladies into spanking want to be spanked they might not have such a difficult time finding spanking partners. The challenge is often bridging the gap between what a woman needs emotionally from her partner and what a man wants sexually and there is where the conflict lies, women want the daddy and men want the sexy naughty girl, can’t these two be bridged? Yes they can be…and that is why I am writing this blog.

We do not have to put everything in nice neat little compartments, and make it all about absolutes. We can have different reasons for discipline, and different responses to it. It can be physical, it can be spiritual, it can be dominant, it can be sexual and it can loving…all in one.

You can enjoy the idea of being spanked without enjoying it while it happens. You can love your partner while you punish her and cause her to cry. You can tell her you are the boss without feeling guilty and you can back it up with consequences when she willfully disobeys you…or when you just want to spank her because you are the man in the relationship. In a loving domestic discipline relationship you can make it the way you want and it does not have to meet anyone else idea of what is “normal” As long as both parties are in agreement and are practicing it in a safe loving way, the sky is the limit!

So if you are in a consensual domestic discipline relationship, grab a paddle, pull her over your lap, and spank her good! She wants it!!!

So why publish a blog? I have been asking that myself for months, and consequently I decided to do it because I felt there needed to be something out in cyber space a little edgy, and more serious on the perspective of domestic discipline. I used to belong to a MSN group moderated by a man who had a very no nonsense approach to disciplining his wife, and honestly I miss the fresh perspective of “REAL” discipline.

Face it, there are a lot of spanking websites out there. However, few speak of real discipline; most discuss spanking as a precursors to doing the deed, but my hope is that this blog will, at least in the “Daily Discipline” section, reflect a serious view about domestic discipline in a real life relationship...

Yes this blog will have some naughty things to read in the story section. I enjoy writing, and yes I hope it makes you blush…I have a real wicked mind…But honestly as a submissive female living in a true domestic discipline relationship, I am craving real life discussion about a man being in charge and giving his gal a real hard spanking to keep her in line, and not sugar coating the way he does it, or why he does it. He does it because he loves her, and because he is in charge!

Of course I think love, consent and respect are important! (I can just hear some of you out there...) Consent and mutal love and respect are the the foundations of any healthy domestic discipline relationship. However once it is given then domestic discipline needs to be done, in my opinion, (which I am afraid to say it rarely humble!) seriously, and in a way that leaves a “lasting” impression. This blog will not only reflect that philosophy, but promote it, so if you come here to whine about your HOH spanking your butt too hard for your sass you will not get much sympathy from me…in fact your HOH will probably get a standing ovation from me…(maybe while I am in the corner with my panties down contemplating my next punishment spanking!)

Welcome to my Blog… I hope you enjoy it!

Sarah the Smartassed Brat

Rules of Conduct:

  1. Sarah is always right…
  2. If Sarah is wrong then refer to rule #1…

Ok I am just kidding there…Please no one tell my HOH I said that ok??? :)

Real Rules:

  1. Adult discipline discussion only. We are not here to debate the use of corporal punishment on children.
  2. Please do your best to edit your work before posting. As a former teacher I have visions of making you stand in the corner and writing on the chalk board 100 times, I will proof before I post! Everyone makes mistakes, but use MS Word before posting to reduce errors, we want to enjoy your post!
  3. There are four areas of discussion:
    1. Daily Domestic Discipline issues.
    2. Alternative Forms of Discipline that may include Sex.
    3. Punishment Book – Area to log in your naughty deeds and the consequences.
    4. Stories (this area will have sex discussion as well, be forewarned!)
  4. Respect everyone in your comment, if you must disagree do so without flaming!
  5. Keep profanity to a minimum.. Yes I know you need to be descriptive, but do it with style! Express your self visually without getting guttural; it truly is hotter that way! Profanity is as profanity does…sometimes it must be used to describe something sexy or specific but don’t wallow in the mud. (I can’t always take a shower in the middle of the day!)